Weekly Update July 9th 2013

So, what’s new in the world of gaming deals and bundles? A lot, actually. Check it out:

Active Bundles


Pure Indie Bundle

Iron Grip Marauders, Power Of Defense, Shattered Haven, Tidalis, Data Jammers: Fastforward, Brainpipe, Lunar Pack, Gumboy: Crazy Adventures

Bundle Stars Dynamite Reloaded

King’s Bounty the Legend, Fantasy Wars, Men of War: Vietnam, Off-Road Drive and more

Bundle Stars: Atomic Indie Bundle

Tropico Trilogy, Section 8, The First Templar, Disciples III Resurrection, Insecticide, Space Chem, Dino D-Day, Dream Pinball 3D,

Bundle Stars Indie Jam 2

Shattered Horizon, Nuclear Dawn, Two Worlds II: Castle Defense, Planets Under Attack, Iron Grip: Warlord and more

The Debut 3 Bundle

Stained, Tropical Heat Jet Ski Racing, LogiGun, Tales of Maj’Eyal, Crayon Chronicles

Build a Greenlight 3

The Howler, Ocean City Racer, Drip Drip, Residue, Rooks Keep, BrokenEarth, Overlight, Rawbots

CAG Bundle 3

Triple Town, Blockland, Dead Pixels, Derrick the Deathfin, Tower Wars

Humble Bundle Weekly: Two Tribes

Toki Tori, Edge, Rush, Toki Tori 2 discount

IndieFort Multiplayer Bundle

Awesomenauts, Sanctum and AirBuccaneers

Kids and Charity Bundle

Teddy Floppy Ear Pack, Marvin’s Mittens, Wimp, Magical Gloves, Woodle Tree, soundtracks

Digital Tribe Treasure Trove

Trine, Velvet Assassin, Two Worlds Epic Edition, Section 8, Dream Pinball 3D, Legendary and more

The Pixeljam Octology

Potatoman Seeks the Troof, Bitku Beta, Dino Run SE, Marathon of Doom, Snowball

The Indie Gala Summer Dream

Oil Rush, Paranormal, Droplitz, Dawnstar, DROD, Creatures

Amazon Indie Combat Pack

Depth Hunter, Mutant Mudds, SpaceChem, Dungeon Hears, Guns of Icarus online and many more

Deadly Dungeons Bundle

Knytt Underground, Dwarf Quest, Dungeon Fray, Dary’s Legend, MiniFlake

Indie Gala June

Chester, Star Ruler, Vessel, Aquanox, Star Ruler, Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection, and more

IndieBundle Perlious Puzzle Bundle

Hairy Tales, Spoids, Great Permutator

Active Giveaways


Giveaway: Build a Greenlight 3


Free game pick of the week


Super House Of Dead Ninjas

Frederik Bukowski

Author: Frederik Bukowski

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