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In Dead Hungry Diner you play as either Gabe or Gabby, two orphaned kids who are forced to run a monster diner to keep their home of Ravenhood Village safe. As the player, you must seat, serve and satisfy a variety of monsters before they get impatient and leave and presumably go eat some random villager’s delicious brain.


Tutorials are helpful, especially in this game

The presentation is the best part of the game. The main reason I kept on playing was because the characters and the monsters were humorous and the overall story was enjoyable. Not to mention the presentation of the levels, music and cut scenes are fantastic for a casual game.

Dead Hungry Diner is pretty simple to play. Tutorials are given throughout the first few levels and any time new items and monsters appear. This makes the game fairly easy to get into. Each level has monsters walking into the diner and you have to serve them while others wait in line. The trick is to go as fast as possible to serve your current customers utilizing the various items.


Undead ladies first! Otherwise these banshees get impatient fast.

There are twists, such as certain monsters (vampires and werewolves) are not allowed to be positioned beside each other or they will fight dust ball style. Another twist is keeping track of each monsters patience meter below them. If the meter runs out, the monsters leave without paying. As you go further through the game, each level gets more difficult but never to the point of “monitor throwing” frustration.

master of scores

Oh yeah! I'm the master!


While I did have fun playing for a couple of hours, the game got repetitive and tedious once I got the right strategy going. I ended up playing for the story bits more so than the actual game. And while there are two modes to play, Story Mode and Endless Mode, once I finished playing Story Mode I had no desire to play endless mode. I did play a bit of Endless Mode and it was pretty much Story Mode without the story bits and endless swarms of monsters (much like Plants vs. Zombies Survival Mode). I suppose you could try and beat your high scores, but without a leadership board to compare with your friends, even that doesn’t seem worth the effort.

Its a real shame. This game has a lot of personality to it and there’s little wrong with the actual design of the game. But for me, it got boring after a while and didn’t have much to warrant a second play through. And for such a short game like this, that is a big sin.


Summary: Though the presentation is top notch and the story is both funny and enjoyable, the lack of staying power is what hurts Dead Hungry Diner. I played through the Story Mode once and didn’t feel like going back.

Platforms: PC, Mac OS X

Verdict: 6 out of 10

Dead Hungry Diner was developed by Black Market Games and is available on Steam, Big Fish Games, iwin, and Wild Tangent.


Reviewed by Tyler Klepsch

Frederik Bukowski

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Glad to see you liked it. It really is a matter of personal experience. For example, Plants vs. Zombies (you have good taste!) I loved and did replay it a lot. But it does have more to offer than DHD with much more ways to create/vary your defenses and save your money to spend on upgrades, units, etc. But I didn't compare them both because it is unfair given the resources and experience Popcap games has over Black Market Games (good first game by them though).


Hey Tyler! that game looked so good I went straight to steam for the demo! omg its so much fun! didnt bore me at all but i love PvZ, Sims and TowDef like DTD!!! Your right the game has great characters and perfect music. All I would add is leaderboards and achievements. 85% from me!


That game looks really great :D even if it is as You said, that it gets boring after a while, I still can not wait to try it on my own. And it would be awesome to win it on the big bundle giveaway ;D