Indie Royale July Jubilee

Too hot to go outside? Nevermind, enjoy July with new Indie Royale July Jubilee bundle.


[youtube width="600" height="365" video_id="7RfMZ3biW2Q&"]

Pay what you want for:

  1. Puzzle Agent for: steam (pc, mac), windows, mac, desura
  2. Geneforge Saga for: steam – separate keys for each game (pc), windows, mac, desura
  3. Oniken for: windows, desura (and OST)
  4. Mutant Storm Reloaded for: steam (pc), windows, desura
  5. SWIFT☆STITCH for: windows, mac, desura (including bonus game: Rose and Time)
  6. Unepic for: windows, desura (includes “Royale Ring” + 100 “Unepic Credits”)


Buy the bundle over at INDIE ROYALE

Frederik Bukowski

Author: Frederik Bukowski

Raised on Amiga 500 and NES, Frederik is a big fan of all things retro. Hobbies include riding a bike, reading comics and binge-watching Netflix until his eyes bleed.

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Heh, us too, us too. We're doing this for a hobby, you know :)


i love these bundles :) wish i had any money left to buy this one.