5-Game Arcade/Indie Pack

The Microsoft 5 Game Arcade Indie Pack includes the following games:

  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
  • Iron Brigade
  • Mark of the Ninja
  • Toy Soldiers

The games come with a Steam code.

Buy it here for just 7.49 USD

Note: customers outside of USA will have to enter a US address in their Amazon account in order to buy it

Frederik Bukowski

Author: Frederik Bukowski

Raised on Amiga 500 and NES, Frederik is a big fan of all things retro. Hobbies include riding a bike, reading comics and binge-watching Netflix until his eyes bleed.

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Hi, all. I'm new to Amazon, and I would really like to get this bundle. Is it safe to enter a random US billing address for my order? How about the phone number, do I have to enter a legit number? I haven't tried anything like this, and I fear for my card getting locked out for fraud or any similar offense. As for credit cards, will my local Master Card work for it? Thank you in advance to anyone who could provide some light on this. :)